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Some principles of Helpz

We offer energy treatment, flashing, group resonance, assistance with flashing and a setting in which self-healing capacity is stimulated.

By flashing during the treatment we distract your attention from the actual energy transfer so that what is needed can take place.

The energy treatments of the Energy Clinic of the Helpz Foundation are based on scientific insights such as:

  • Laying on of hands and energy healing at a distance has been proven to be effective

  • Energy healing works best when people are not involved, being open is important, don't believe

  • Healing in a group makes the effect greater because there is group resonance, whereby when participants of the group experience effects, these effects are transposed to others in the group.

  • Altruistic giving increases positive feelings, connection between people, reduces depressive feelings, etc.

  • Every person has a biological mechanism in which energy is automatically given and received when a need is (unconsciously) detected.

  • Eye movements reduce negative emotions

More principles

  • Where you focus your attention, energy flows there

  • Where energy flows, the result becomes stronger

  • Every person has the ability to direct energy

  • You can let energy flow in different ways

  • When you want something, you have to focus a lot of attention on it, then you attract it to you

  • If you want to send healing energy, you can open yourself up to it

  • Directing energy works in different ways: By focusing on it, by letting go of the end result (how or that something manifests)

  • Sending healing energy works when you unconsciously or consciously detect that something or someone is in need. Like a disease. This is a biological mechanism that everyone has access to.

  • You can consciously and unconsciously direct energy

  • Energy is selfless and amplified where necessary

  • Without interference from us, the energy can do its best work

  • Making energy available works best when all parties benefit from it

  • When people give they feel better.

  • Giving is also part of our nature

  • Everything exists in the presence of an invisible energy

  • Everything that exists, including ourselves, is made up of this energy.

  • Energy fields influence us, some people are more sensitive to this than others

  • There is such a thing as group frequency

  • Fields resonate with each other

  • You can let go of the process and the outcome and still be empathetic and caring

  • Eye movements stimulate the brain and help people to enter a different state of being, in which people become more open to healing

  • Bioenergetic fields exist around living organisms

  • With our conscious intention we can influence fields

  • With conscious intention we can create measurable results in our material reality

  • Emotion can enhance such effects

  • There are information fields that influence behavior within a species, including humans

  • Focused attention (measurably visible in the brain) from the sender influences the brain and receiver

  • Conscious intention creates physical effects regardless of time and distance.

  • Selflessly giving to someone else has positive effects on the state of mind

  • Giving to someone else can put people in a meditative state of being, the brain produces measurably different brain waves

  • People have a biological mechanism that detects something or someone in need, after which a help reflex starts (this can be seen in the brain).

  • People (and also people with animals) are able to make energetic connections with each other through which information is exchanged.

  • Distance communication, the power of conscious intention and quantum field effects are part of energy healing. These principles have been proven in laboratories.


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