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Helpz Terms and Conditions

1 Application of General Terms and Conditions

1.1 These general terms and conditions apply to all reservation requests, online orders, and agreements concluded directly or indirectly with Helpz.

1.2 Helpz expressly rejects the use of any other general terms and conditions.

1.3 Deviations from these general terms and conditions are only possible if parties have agreed to them in writing.

2 Reservation

2.1 Advance reservation of a session is mandatory. Reservations are always subject to availability. Timely reservation is recommended to avoid disappointment.

2.2 Helpz only accepts reservation requests from individuals aged 18 or older. The right to refuse a reservation request without providing reasons belongs to the authority of Helpz.

2.3 For online bookings/reservations, the agreement between Helpz and the customer is established when the customer has confirmed the reservation definitively and/or made the payment through the payment module. For telephone reservations, the agreement is established when Helpz has sent the reservation confirmation via email to the customer.

2.4 The customer is responsible for checking the accuracy of the reservation confirmation and must immediately inform Helpz of any inaccuracies.

2.5 For online reservations, the customer provides an expected arrival and departure time. Sessions are scheduled between the specified times.

2.6 If scheduling a session is not possible within the specified times, Helpz will contact the customer by phone or email within two business days.

2.7 The customer must make a payment to Helpz within the specified period in the reservation confirmation. If the payment is not received on time, Helpz may release the reserved services and/or admission for other customers and charge cancellation fees.

2.8 Specific promotions, vouchers, e-tickets, and/or gift cards should be reserved through a special online page, as clearly indicated in the promotion or on the voucher, e-ticket, and/or gift card. These cannot be converted into a regular reservation and have specific availability.

3 Changes to the Reservation

3.1 Helpz is not obligated to make changes to the reservation after the agreement has been concluded.

4 Prices

4.1 The customer owes Helpz the agreed amount, as stated in the reservation confirmation.

4.2 Prices and additional costs are listed on the Helpz website and include VAT.

4.3 Unforeseen price increases imposed by the government can be passed on to the customer.

4.4 Discounts published after a reservation/booking or purchase cannot be applied retroactively.

5 Payment and Cancellation

5.1 Cancellation and Impediment: If the customer is unable to attend, we kindly ask the customer to contact us by phone.

5.2 Session Cancellation: No charges apply for canceling sessions only, unless otherwise specified in a specific promotion, voucher, e-ticket, and/or gift card where cancellation is not allowed. If the customer has reserved one or more sessions, the cancellation conditions as stated under the heading

5.3 Session Cancellation Conditions: If a booking/reservation is canceled by the customer 24 hours or less before the arrival date, the customer must pay 50% of the reserved amount as stated in the reservation confirmation within eight (8) days. If the customer fails to cancel and does not use the session, the customer must pay 100% of the reserved amount within eight (8) days. In the case of a reservation with an e-ticket and/or voucher, the validity will expire.

5.4 Rescheduling Reservation: If the customer has (partially) paid online or redeemed a voucher, e-ticket, or gift card, it is possible to reschedule the reservation once up to 1 hour before arrival. Cancellation of the reservation is not possible in this case. This rescheduling can only take place within the validity period of the promotion, voucher, e-ticket, and/or gift card. Note that reservations for sessions have a minimum period of 24 hours before arrival.

5.5 No Refund for Own Initiative: The customer has no right to (partial) refund if the customer, on their own initiative and by their own actions, has been unable to use the offered services and/or facilities.

6 (Household) Regulations

6.1 Customers must adhere to the rules established by Helpz, as stated on the website and at the respective Helpz location. Helpz has the right to immediately remove customers from the relevant Helpz location if household rules are violated and/or instructions from the staff are not followed. In such a case, the customer is not entitled to a refund of (a portion of) the paid reservation or the already consumed refreshments and/or treatments.

6.2 Helpz has the right to ask the customer for a valid identification before check-in. Helpz is entitled to refuse access to customers who cannot identify themselves at the relevant Helpz location.

6.3 Helpz reserves the right to make changes to the layout and opening hours of the facilities at the relevant Helpz location. The customer will allow maintenance to take place on the Helpz location during opening hours if necessary. The customer cannot claim compensation. The necessity of maintenance is at the discretion of the Helpz management.

7 Validity

7.1 The validity of circulating tickets and/or gift vouchers is explicitly indicated on the respective ticket and/or gift voucher. If the validity of the relevant ticket and/or gift voucher has expired, it cannot be extended. For each promotion, voucher, e-ticket, and/or gift card, there is a specific availability per day per location. The availability will be shown in the calendar of the reservation module. No exceptions are possible, and the online availability of the reservation module is decisive.

7.2 A made reservation/booking is only valid on the day indicated by the customer. The customer cannot claim rights to the reservation on other days.

7.3 If the customer has a discount voucher, e-ticket, or another gift voucher, the customer must actually present it during check-in unless expressly stated otherwise. If the customer cannot present this discount voucher, e-ticket, or other gift voucher, Helpz is obliged to charge the full rate.

8 Liability

8.1 Helpz does not accept liability for theft (including theft from lockers), loss, and/or damage to property or persons, of any kind, during or as a result of a stay at the relevant Helpz location.

8.2 Helpz does not accept liability if the customer's stay does not meet the expectations the customer had set.

8.3 Helpz does not accept liability for damage or injury to property or persons arising from a stay on the premises of the relevant Helpz location or arising from the use of the facilities on the premises.

8.4 Helpz is not liable for damage claims resulting from noise pollution caused by third parties.

8.5 Helpz is not liable for damages resulting from orally or telephonically provided information by its employees.

8.6 The customer is obliged to pay all additional costs that arise due to incorrect use or improper leaving of the facilities.

8.6 There is a fine of $5,000 for anyone caught touching or moving the machines in any way. Touching the computer racks requires a technician to fly in to re-outline the computers. All costs ($5,000) are borne by the offender.

9 Privacy

9.1 With due regard to the Personal Data Protection Act, Helpz will handle the customer's personal data strictly confidentially.

9.2 Personal data related to the customer's health is collected solely for safety reasons and for the possible preparation of appropriate advice or an adapted treatment. These data are only used for that purpose and will not be disclosed to third parties without the explicit consent of the customer.

9.3 The email address provided by the customer during the reservation or purchase process will be included in the Helpz mailing list unless the customer has specifically opted out. If the customer does not want to receive these emails, the customer can unsubscribe by clicking on the relevant link in each email received from Helpz. Phone or email unsubscriptions will not be processed.

9.4 By signing a possible authorization for automatic debit for, for example, a subscription or making a reservation/booking, the customer agrees to the processing of the customer's personal data as described earlier in these general terms and conditions.

10 Complaints

10.1 Despite the care and effort of Helpz, it may happen that the customer has a complaint. Complaints can be reported directly to the reception of the relevant Helpz location. If a complaint cannot be resolved or is not resolved to satisfaction, the customer must send the complaint in writing or email it to the attention of the management. This procedure is absolutely necessary to handle the complaint properly.

10.2 In all cases not provided for in these General Terms and Conditions, the management of Helpz decides. By using the relevant Helpz location and all its facilities, the customer accepts these General Terms and Conditions.

10.3 Dutch law applies to all agreements between the customer and Helpz.


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